high above
the ordinary

it's in the details

In Grandma Jazz, every detail tells a story. Notice the Havana hats, symbols of tradition, and decor pieces that connect to history and culture.

Choose a cannabis strain, sip a warm coffee or a refreshing organic iced tea, and take in the organic cannabis aroma. This scent is a nod to nature’s purity and Grandma’s authenticity.

Here, your experience goes far beyond just buying cannabis in Phuket; it’s an exploration into the most genuine, unaltered form of marijuana, deep within the heart of the island.

premium quality flowers

Grandma Jazz offers a journey into cannabis purity. Our organic strains are carefully selected and locally sourced from Thai farmers. These farmers combine traditional agriculture with a deep respect for the land, ensuring each plant thrives naturally. 

This approach offers you a soulful cannabis experience, deeply connected to the essence of Phuket’s mountains.

high on the mountain

Looking for the best cannabis cafe in Phuket? Grandma Jazz is your go-to destination. It’s not just a cafe, but also a dynamic Phuket working space. 

Whether you’re engaging with friends or networking with entrepreneurs, it’s a hub for making new connections and sparking discussions. Perfect for brainstorming business ideas or enjoying your own company, Grandma Jazz combines relaxation with inspiration.

Grandma Jazz values simplicity. Our menu showcases hand-crafted local refreshments, reflecting organic artistry. Each beverage and delicacy is inspired by Grandma’s timeless recipes. At Grandma Jazz, every flavor offers warmth and authenticity, making each sip and bite a moment to remember.