we love a vibe

Where Ambiance Meets Aspiration

Our cafe is more than a place—it’s a feeling. An ambiance that fosters aspiration, whether you’re here to brainstorm your next big idea or to relax and recharge. 

The vibe is tailored to inspire, with a backdrop that speaks to both the island’s serene beauty and its vibrant energy.

Feel the Pulse

Every element at our cafe is chosen to resonate with the pulse of creativity and calm. It’s where each moment is infused with the island’s laid-back rhythm, allowing you to savor the best cannabis in Phuket, engage in meaningful conversations, or delve into your personal haven of productivity.

Heard, on the grapevine


Lights, music, chess…perfect.




Can I see my weed with the microscope?


I pushed back my plans, to stay here longer.


Grandma’s Garden has a unique smell & taste, like no other.


I haven’t smoked in a while & I said to myself, if I do…I’m doing it in this place.


My body is so relaxed & my mind is so clear.


Weed was perfect! I can see you guys put your heart & soul into this place.


It’s smooth, really smooth.


Tell Grandma Jazz, she has admirers from afar.


I feel like a baby chicken, warm & comfy under the red lights.